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    I've always wished for a thread wrap finish that I didn't have to mix - for those times when I just wanted to be sure something didn't come loose, or for some other reason to just nail something down that I could come back later and put some other finish over. Now I hear that Permagloss might be my answer. Except for the problems in keeping it, are there any other problems that I haven't heard of?

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    PermaGloss can be stored with NO problems. Simply obtain a metal cap from a Testors paint bottle, replace the plastic U40 cap with the metal one. Now take the PG and store it in an empty glass jar (mayonaise or similar) with some dessicant packets (vitamin or pills). When you need some PG ... open the bottle, use a glass eyedropper or pipet to quickly extract what you need - put it back into storage as noted above. PG cures via humidity, this system eliminates it.

    Now ... PG is tough, so tough it won't come off without an Act of Congress. PG is also VERY hot - melts plastic like Superman's X-Ray vision, it also eats finish (paint) off of soft blanks like St Croix. PG also smells like a meth lab and WILL get you in trouble with the boss lady AND give you one hell of a headache or high ... this depends on where you spent the 60's.

    Diamondite is a two-part finish that you might want to look at. It is NOT an epoxy, it is an adhesive base. 30 secs to mix, one hour working time, one hour curing time IF accelerated with heat, 110% UV resistant to yellowing, tough as nails, removable with heat. Even better, it does NOT contain or release amines ... so no worries about developing allergic reactions.

    If you have more questions, I would be glad to assist.

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    Where can you get Diamondite.


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    My question, exactly!!
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    It is a "Swifty" product. Probably the most "popular" place to obtain it would be Mud Hole Custom Tackle, but many others carry it as well.


    BTW, it is NOT an epoxy and although it is VERY easy to use ... you will need special instructions. IF you treat it like epoxy, you will NOT be happy. So ... if you do order some - before you deploy it, get with me regarding usage. It is simple, but you need to know a few special facts.

    Quote Originally Posted by dave potts View Post
    Where can you get Diamondite.

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    One thing about Diamondite is that it is a 2 to 1 mixture and that Swifty highly recommends the use of a special syringe that mixes as it dispenses the product. I have used it and found it pretty easy to work with IF you follow the instructions closely. you better be prepared to rotate it as it is drying with the application of heat however.


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    I do NOT use the mixing syringes ... that gets VERY expensive. The mixture is 2:1, but you would have to work hard to mess up since one bottle is half the size of the other.

    Simply drill a 5/32" hole in the top of each bottle and store syringes there. When needed, invert the bottle and draw into syringe - once you have what you want in the syringe, flip the bottle back over and remove syringe ... easy and NO cleanup.

    Diamondite is not nearly as sensitive to ratio as two part epoxies AND mixing is a 30 sec process, followed by a 4-5 minute waiting period for chemical reactions to take place.

    No finish is easier to work with ... period.

    Quote Originally Posted by dleo6446 View Post
    Swifty highly recommends the use of a special syringe that mixes as it dispenses the product.

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