How about we start sending this hat around the country and posting pictures of FAOL'ers wearing it? We could autograph it and then mail it to the next person for their 15 minutes of fame. I'm game for this if anyone else is. We could start a thread in Sound Off and see how many miles this hat can put on in the next year. We could arrange to have it show up at all the Fish-Ins to get maximum mileage out of it, then donate it to the FAOL Museum in Poulsbo, Washington. I'll bet we could get it to all 50 states in the next 12 months with no problem.

What say y'all?


Happy Holidays,Every One!

The above, (DOH!), is Joe V.'s excellent idea, stemming from a recent post on the "Things for Sale" link, by Gardenfish. (read about how this all got started....... there, under the "Berkely Bag For Sale", thread!).

Anyway, I'm moving Joe's idea, HERE, since not everyone reads the Things For Sale link of course, and I'd like to see Joe's idea take off and work the way he describes it!! I currently, own the hat, because being so dog-gone CLASSY, as I am, I was sucker......... I was the one that purchased it from Gardenfish to begin with and currently have it in my possession.

So, on the 24th or 26th, depending........... I'll be signing it and then posting a pic, (be forewarned!), then mailing it to Joe V. for him to repeat the process. After that, I think it's headed over to The Terror Tubber's, (Mike-Ohiotuber) for HIS priceless autograph, then possibly a short homecoming visit to Gardenfisher's, after that!?!

But from Gardenfisher's I think it's then open to the first member that contacts HIM, to have it sent along for them to sign, take a picture and post it!??!

This could be a really fun and very interesting project, for all members of FAOL to get involved in!! BUT............... PLEASE, if you DO request the hat, KEEP IT MOVING, QUICKLY, ONTO THE NEXT MEMBER THAT'S REQUESTED IT FROM YOU!! That's the ONLY WAY, this whole idea will "work as planned"!!

I, think, as Joe does that by the 15th, or 20th, member this hat's going to "look a little strange", with all the autographs on it, not to mention "who KNOWS where it'll be"??