I've got a chance to help a fella out who was recently laid off (and get a little something for myself while I'm at it) and wanted to get some opinions here. This gentleman is selling a lot of his stuff, and I'm confident it is well taken care, including a Rocky Mountain Reel by Orvis. This is NOT the new Rocky Mt. Turbine LA, but the original Rocky Mt. I have no experience with this reel and can't seem to find a lot of stuff online. I did find a little from epinions.com and the three reviews were pretty positive, but I figured someone here had probably fished with one or at least knew someone who had. I also found someone say that these reels ran about $165 brand new. This one is up for $50. What experiences have you/they had with this reel?

I'd like to help this guy out, but don't know much about the reel. Thanks!