Hey everyone,

I have a really old Renzetti Traveler. I think I got it back in 1994. Been tying on it all this time and have updated recently to the cam jaws. Yesterday I was tying at the Great Lakes Fly Tying Expo in Mason, MI and late in the day the rotary seized up on me and it would not spin inside the hole through the post. Today I sprayed some WD-40 at both ends of the rotary rod both at the threaded end and on the jaws end as well as I took the little screw out that the post screws onto and sprayed some up in there. After applying the WD-40, with some EXTREME effort, I was able to manhandle about a 1/2 turn of rotary. Anyone else have this happen to them? Anyone have any advice. I believe there's supposed to be a lifetime warranty on all Renzetti's, right? Do you think I'm just gonna have to send it in to them and have them take care of it?