Time for a new swap. If you aren't familiar with a schwapf, check this out:

For another variation, see this:

First 12 to speak for a spot gets one. Be creative with your materials. Signup is open until May 31 or until full. Please read the following, and follow the rules.
Have your 12 flies to me no later than June 28. Tie them early if you need to, but don't be late. If they aren't on time, it isn't fair to the other swappers, and I will return them to you. Make sure you have toe tags on your flies, return packaging and return postage (not metered) included with a crushproof container. I will PM shipping info when you sign up.
You don't have to specify your specific material list when you sign up unless you want to, but try to put your own spin on the pattern by using different body materials and/or hair. I will post my materials after I experiment a little. I'm intending to use herl or punch yarn for the body. Not sure on the hair yet.

1. ol'blue - rust brown punch yarn/fox squirrel and olive & orange chenille/raccoon - COMPLETE
2. ibrb - possum/grey squirrel - RECEIVED
3. sirrom - red fox/black punch yarn - RECEIVED
4. bassman - skunk/seal - RECEIVED
5. fly_flinger - red fox squirrel - RECEIVED
6. eric-WD - blue unifloss/black squirrel - RECEIVED

Pictures are here: