I?ve got a question about secrets or in some cases, the lack of secrets. Do you have any secrets about fly fishing or about fly tying that you wouldn?t share with other member of FAOL? I?m asking about things like discovering a new, super-deadly fly pattern, finding a cheap gauzy material that makes PERFECT mayfly wings, discovering a little wrist flick that jumped flies across the water in an irresistible way, finding a common household product that made dry flies impossible to sink-------that kind of thing.

Suppose you found that flies with bodies made from Burger King coffee stirrers were irresistible to brim, bass, trout, bonefish or what ever you fish for and they double or tripled your strikes consistently, would you

1. Never mention your discovery on this board at all---ever!

2. Tell people you had a really great secret body material and not divulge the source!

3. Share only with a couple of close friends from FAOL by IM

4. Spill the beans complete and share your secret immediately in an open forum.

I?m afraid that I fall into the 4th category. I like helping people to do well. About the only thing I wouldn?t share is the location of a small, stream hot spot that would be damaged by over fishing or something that I had promised another person I would keep secret. How about you guys and gals? 8T