Yesterday I received my copy of Fly Fusion Magazine. I discovered this magazine while walking the isles at the Fly Fishing Show. I began chatting with a gentleman who I think is the publisher's father. I like what he had to say about the magazine and after thumbing through the pages I decided to give it a try.

The magazine has a great variety of articles from lessons learned to fly fishing tactics to fly tying and more. It is printed on heavy stock paper. Good thing as this magazine is meant to be a reference and kept in your fly fishing library. Unlike many fly fishing magazines, I think they have a good balance of articles and advertising. Nothing like magazines chocked full of advertising, especially, those 1 inch square types you find towards the last 3rd of a publication that puts your vision to the test.

As I thumb through the pages last night before going to bed, I noticed an advertisement for FAOL. When I checked the FAOL website, sure enough they are a sponsor here. Good find JC and LF!