Hi Folks,

We have another swap set up for this year. Please note that this swap was set up in the chat room.. friends talking to friends. If anyone wants to join next year, you have to be in the chat room while it's being set up.
This year it's:
Les- flys arrived
Ron- flys recived
Garrett-flys arrived
Steve - flys done

Same swap as last year, 6 swapers, 12 flys each, that gives us one to save and copy.. plus one to fish.

Do your best my friends.. I think one of the swapers may take pictures and post them online.
PM me here if you need my addy.

Flys are due here Feb 27th. They will get mailed out as soon as all have arrived.

Thanks for your smiles and frienship!

News Flash:
bonus flys were tied buy a local friend, very nice biot body comparaduns, all tiers will get one!