The Anglers Club that I belong to put on fly tying classes each year. We meet once a month for a couple hours, and meet for 8 to 10 months of the year. There's a one off charge of $20 NZ for the whole set of lessons. That covers costs of tea, coffee, and materials, etc. If you do not have any equipment, there is some loaner gear to use at the lessons and which may be borrowed for awhile.

Anyway, these lessons are an excellent way to learn. It sounds like what they are offering is similar, so I would highly recommend taking them.

The flies we start with here are all large NZ lures (size 4 hooks), though they can be tied smaller. The patterns are things like the Red Setter, Wooly Bugger, and Matuka flies (all can found in the fly archives here I think). These are good starter paterns because of the large hook size and they all work very well here.

- Jeff