Hi All,

I have an opportunity to possibly do some inland lake striper fishing. I need a heavier rod and will likely borrow a 9 wt for the first time or two from a buddy.

I want to purchase a heavier rod. I currently have 4wt through 7 wt rods. I was thinking an 8wt but I would also like one that will double as a salt water rod for along the TX coast. One of the 7's I have is a fast one, the other two 7's are medium action. I will be doing more LMB fishing this next summer also as a new friend has a boat and wants me to show him how to fly fish. So I'll be out with him some. The 7 wt will work but an 8 or 9 would likely allow me to cast those deer hair poppers a bit further is needed.

Is a 9 wt the right one for all this? Or would I be better served with a nice fast 8wt?

Is there a good all around, inland lake striper, LMB, salt water rod?