I work at Andersen AFB on the U.S. territory of Guam and am planning to rendevous with my dad in the St. Louis area, then head to the Boise area for some gold panning and fly fishing. We both used to do alot of bass fishing in the Missouri Ozarks in our younger days (I'm 55 / my dad 76). I'd like for us to take one really nice fishing trip while we're still both in good health. I guess you'd call it a once in a lifetime dream trip. We'll be around the Grimes Creek area for the gold panning part, and although I found that Grimes Creek was annually stocked with Rainbows, I'd like to ask your opinions on other places in the Boise area to fly fish, suitable for fly fishing beginners. I think we'd be doing most fishing from shore, but wouldn't mind some shallow wading (we're not strong swimmers, so would like to return safely back to Guam to tell my fish stories). I've fly fished before, but that was when I was a teenager fishing popping bugs for bass and bluegill. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! This board has proved invaluable as a resource in helping me learn about the art of fly fishing.