My name is Jean DeSavage, yes I am Bill's wife. I have finally been able to get logged in to the bulletin board and look forward to getting to know everyone.

I'm really looking forward to meeting more people from here, I've met Jack and Mike (Ohiotuber) and a couple of the other guys (sorry, I'm not always the best with names!) at the fishing show earlier this year.

Though I don't currently tie flies or fish, I probably will in the future. I love being out in nature and watching birds, so fishing is not far off.

So far this year I've been tied up finishing quilting projects for others. I love to do creative things, drawing, painting, photography and making art quilts, and just about any other craft you can think of. I also am an avid reader and I have music going all the time.

We are excited to get to Grayling and can hardly wait for Sunday! We will be staying at the Woodland Motel.

Jean DeSavage