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  1. Casey, I keep forgetting to mail the other tip. I now have it packed and ready to go. Can I have your mailing address
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    Casey P

    Try small size 10 or 12 jig hooks with 1/8 bead for weight simple sawyers with hot spot thorax or a orange bead is simpler and I think you will get better hook- ups. I will put a couple in your Care package. Fishin' Jimmy
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    Howdy Cap, hope your havin a great day!!!!
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    Hi, Casey,
    Thanks so much for the flies. That was very thoughtful of you. You're right, there are some very nice flies in there. Loved the pink CS Streamer!

    Thanks again.
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    Hi CaseyP,
    Yep, I finally made it over from the old "AA" Board. This looks like a great site and I do need to learn to navigate these waters. It sure is good to see familiar names on here. I know you travel between VA and PA. I have lived Lebanon County for over 30 years, but I was born and raised on a farm near Chambersburg. In my real early years, the Falling Spring ran right through our property. Did you ever fish the Spring? Later we moved to another farm that was divided by the Conococheague. Is there still good trout water around Mercersburg? The Cove? Here in our area we have had a wet summer with lots of high, muddy water; I am looking forward to some great fall fishing. Best wishes and good fishing.

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Introduce a friend to fly fishing

by CaseyP on 05-02-2008 at 04:30 PM
well, i finally did that and wow, it's worth it. my sister-in-law and i needed a break, so we left the guys in charge of the families, and headed out to fish. she'd never fly-fished before, and i'm a bit passionate (to put it mildly), so we decided this could work.

gee-it was great. i arranged a good guide i knew in Spruce Creek, PA to make sure of a swell trip. S-i-L did catch a fish, bigger than anything i've ever landed, and she did survive her first day in waders (it's a girl thing), and we decided we have to do this again. her Mother's Day wish list suddenly got a lot longer, too.

but best of all we got to know each other a whole lot better, and make friends. some of the love of fishing rubbed off too--she referred more than once to her new life! man, is this a swell sport or what?

Back It Up--now!!

by CaseyP on 02-10-2008 at 01:02 AM
how many times have you heard it? Back up your files because after your hard drive crashes, you'll need it.

well, i didn't, and it did, and now i do, but i don't have it...

new hard drive installed by spouse: $150
re-installing all the old programs from all the old disks: $0.00, time: 4 hrs.
sending the old damaged drive to the recovery experts: more $ than you want to consider unless it's your business you're resurrecting.

now i am busy making this laptop back into the neat machine i had before. all my toolbar bookmarks are gone, my incredible collection of fishing/fly tying/shops/guides bookmarks is gone, my entire e-mail and Christmas address book is gone. really, it's just like a fire.

so i'll join those who've had their lives interrupted by hardware crashes: BACK IT UP NOW. and if you don't know how, find out. we're using an external drive to back up this computer. every day or every week, i'll just instruct the laptop to dump everything it knows on to this external drive. i'm told those little thumb drives can do it too. whatever--just do it.

everyday trust

by CaseyP on 02-05-2008 at 04:27 PM
since i've joined this forum, i've decided that trust is the default reaction of anglers to each other.

just now i telephoned a guy about a rod for sale in the paper. not my paper. a paper an FAOL member in Connecticut reads. our fellow member sent me the number of a guy in Massachusetts whose ad had been in the paper for a while. so i called the guy. long conversation later he's sending me a rod/reel/spools/line to Virginia, and i'm sending a check. because we have no reason to think otherwise, we're trusting each other to carry out each side of the transaction

that should be such a piece of non-news that you wonder why i blog it. well, when things go well, and people act normal, it proves to me that even though the TV would tell me differently, i shouldn't think humanity is going down the tubes.

it usually turns out for the best

by CaseyP on 01-04-2008 at 02:41 AM
oldest daughter and husband dissed Christmas and went Out Of Town, leaving younger daughter and husband to make Christmas for mom who was Upset. day was really quite pleasant, if quiet.

now, after official holidays, uncle has come to visit, mom's sister is back in town, and so are daughter and son-in-law. tomorrow night we all will gather for food (NO presents!) and conversation and the very best of Christmas desserts with none of the baggage of The Day.

guess mom got Christmas Dinner after all--and the menu didn't even have to be What We Always Have. there is a lesson in all this somewhere, if i am clever enough to find it!

why blog?

by CaseyP on 01-01-2008 at 03:03 AM
because there is much to say about fishing that doesn't belong on someone else's thread.

because there are observations on life, the universe, and everything that might enjoy the light of day, but not out on a thread where it seems intrusive.

because the 21st century is out there to enjoy when fishing and baseball aren't possible --sometime between Superbowl Sunday and Pitchers and Catchers Report--and everyone else has one, kind of like an iPod.

and because a while back i succeeded in making a real video with soundtrack with some simple software that came with my new laptop, and my daughter said, "Well, you know the new paradigm for software design, don't you? 'Can your mom use it?'" make it simple enough, and i have to try it!

Happy New Year!