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First 18 years in VT. 8 in Navy on a Sub, Deposited in Washington. Forgot to leave..
Bothell, WA, USA
computers, travel, fly tying, fishing
IT Manager/Director
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ZERO+ (just learning)
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A worm drowner in fly land

by rtidd on 01-01-2008 at 08:09 AM
For those of you that haven't seen my name around, let me introduce myself. My name is Ron. I am the SysAdmin (aka slave labor) for FAOL. I am not a fly fisher. I am a hook and worm man. So how you may ask did I get involved with a group of insane fishermen that think it's fun to wade into icy waters to fish for stuff they likely can't keep?

Well, back in the days of Windows 3.11 (prior to 1995) I was part owner and the VP of a small ISP in Washington state. One day a *ahem* decrepit old man and his trophy wife strolled in the door looking for a way to start up a business website.

The old guy was a demanding old codger that insisted on talking to the boss. And he took me down the street to a local Tony Romas for lunch. Now being an IT geek by nature, I have been inbred to NEVER turn down food. I consider myself fairly intelligent though, so one would think I could have seen the snare for what it was.

Well the ISP went away, and I found that I kind of liked the abuse given by one old dude. OK. OK.. so Lady fisher offered up free meals every now and then and I can't say no. Again... You'd think I'd recognize that snare.

As I said, the ISP went the way of the do do bird, and I've helped out as I can to keep JC and LF out of trouble. My time is often limited with little things like work and a personal life that interrupt, but I keep checking in from time to time to clean up after JC. It's a darn good thing LF is such a good cook, I'll tell you that.

Well that in a nutshell is how I became a friend of FAOL and am on call to come fix things. Not always at the speed JC may deserve but I do seem to work for food. Thank god JC is a believer in non barbed hooks, or so he keeps telling me.

I'll see you around from time to time and go away to dig and drown worms for long stretches of time.

You have a unique community here, and I wish you all well. Even if you forgot how to fish...

Happy new year everyone.