Dog Training 101

  1. Steve Molcsan
    Steve Molcsan
    Link > Root Beer Please!

    What is so darn funny about this video is that when I first watched it, I was
    having a cold glass of Root beer, it made me blow suds all over my keyboard..

    Thanks allot for the link, Eric,
    you are such a nasty nasty FAOL boy! now go to your room and have a root beer!
    Be sure it is a Henry Wienhart their root beer has the best smoothest head, their orange cream is good too, I bet it is sticky on the keyboard as well!
    Hows this for hijacking ones own thread even before I press the return key, we nasty boys can get away with anything,,

    "Better than Bud Lite"
  2. nighthawk
    I nominate Fergus as the official mascot of the Nasty Boyz Of FAOL!
  3. Steve Molcsan
    Steve Molcsan
    I'll Second that!
  4. Steve Molcsan
    Steve Molcsan
    Now we need a song?

    99 bottles of root beer one the wall...99
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