Attention all members

  1. ohiofly
    Nows the time to join the group
  2. Steve Molcsan
    Steve Molcsan
    I want to thank the board of the NBOF for deeming me
    worthy of membership in this elite group of misfit
    fly angler on line folks.

    I will do my my level best not to un-tarnish,
    our nicely tarnished nasty reputation..
  3. ohiotuber
    I hereby apply for membership in this group. The last thing I applied for was Sainthood & I was denied! I called the Bishop & he said I had to be dead first!!...Mikey
  4. nighthawk
    I see I am in great company! Hey Mikey, the Minister told me to drop dead once. Does that mean he didn't think I would be a Saint?
  5. rookie
    Gee sh,

    Finally was granted membership. I guess even at my age, they think I have some orneriness left in me.
  6. Steve Molcsan
    Steve Molcsan

    But can you sing real badly... that the $64.00 question
  7. rookie

    I can harmonize with the very worst of them. In fact, I can do just about everything very badly. Don't even have to try.
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