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First Fish of the Season

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A day packed with meetings left me with a full inbox of unread emails, the red blinking light indicating multiple voicemails, and a desktop full of paperwork. It would be a long night at the office...but I walked out the door at 5 and went fishing instead.

My friend, a top bass fisherman here in Minnesota, took us out on a small lake only 15 minutes from downtown Minneapolis and we threw flies for sunfish. The ice has only been out for a week or two, so the large ones weren't as active as normal for this time of year, but we had plenty of action, albeit mostly little ones.

My friend landed a small crappie, and could not resist trying for larger ones with his spinning gear and a marabou. He landed a half dozen nice crappies while I "fought" 3 ounce sunnies on my fly rod. The long Minnesota May evenings let us stay out until nearly 9pm, and as we headed out, I commented that rarely had the contrast in enjoyment between my work hours and after work hours been so great in a single day.

I've only been flyfishing for three years or so, and jsut started tying flies over the winter, so it was a kick to catch fish, even small ones, on my own flies. Of course, with sunfish, you could probably tie a single piece of rubber band on a hook and have success, so I have no illusions of great tying skills...

Enjoy the day...


  1. James Ryncarz Jr.'s Avatar
    Nice job, i would gofly-fishing any day. Your starting fly-tying I tie too. Trust me you are going to have a kick from fly tying. Just a tip: look through a "Cabela's" flyfishing catalog to look for some cool flies to tie.
  2. mnbandy's Avatar
    Thanks, James. Yep, I enjoy the Cabela's catalog, too. So far, I've mostly tied flies I've seen on this site, but I've gotten most of my material from Cabela's (there is one right on my way to lake, coincidentally!).