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Introduce a friend to fly fishing

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well, i finally did that and wow, it's worth it. my sister-in-law and i needed a break, so we left the guys in charge of the families, and headed out to fish. she'd never fly-fished before, and i'm a bit passionate (to put it mildly), so we decided this could work.

gee-it was great. i arranged a good guide i knew in Spruce Creek, PA to make sure of a swell trip. S-i-L did catch a fish, bigger than anything i've ever landed, and she did survive her first day in waders (it's a girl thing), and we decided we have to do this again. her Mother's Day wish list suddenly got a lot longer, too.

but best of all we got to know each other a whole lot better, and make friends. some of the love of fishing rubbed off too--she referred more than once to her new life! man, is this a swell sport or what?