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Big Box.

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Tuesday I walked into the Cabellas which is in Post falls Idaho, about two hours north of where I live. it was impressive and I would love to spend a day there. In the hour or so I was in the store, two employees asked if I needed help which I didn't.

When I actualy got down to it, fly wise they had a good selection, more of everything than my local shop, but my local shop has or can get everything I need. I didnt buy anything at C's.

Yesterday I bought some hooks at the local fly shop. When I walked in the owner recognized me, we spoke about fishing for about 10 minutes, I mentioned a place I was thinking about moving, (half way across washington state) He mentioned 5 or six rivers to fish in that area.

I guess my point is, If we allow the local fly shop to be replaced by the big box retailers we are loosing a lot more than just a store, we are loosing a resource and a bit of our heritage.

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  1. Flyfisher121's Avatar
    If I undersood the question, I live pretty much
    smack dab in the middle of washington state
    Wenatchee. There is one Flyshop here and a sporting goods shop that does an adequite job and several flyshops and and a Sportsmen's wh within 1-2 hrs from here. hope that helps
  2. Eric-WD's Avatar
    Flyfisher, it was more of a statement than a question, but thanks for reading, Wenatchee is actually the place I was speaking of possibly moving too. My wife is looking for a teaching job and Wenatchee has openings