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braging, not FF

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Today, my wife who graduated High school with a 1.08 GPA (with applying 1 term of college towards her High school diploma) officially Graduated College, summa cum laude, with a B.S. in Elementary Education and a minor in Special Education. She didn't know she had a learning disability and her teachers told her parents she was lazy and just needed to work harder.

I can still remember the day she was reading about dyslexia and said to me,"when your reading do the letters move around on the page" that was the day she figured out what the problem was. The teachers in the special ed room where she did her student teaching were amazed at how well she related to the kids, they didnt realize that was beceause she had been that kid. She is definitely a hero of mine and I truly feel sorry for the first teacher that says a student is just lazy.

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  1. rtidd's Avatar
    I guess that means that there might actually be hope for all you fly fishers? I mean with flies you don't have a worm moving all over the hook (a weak tie in - but my new year's resolution is to convert JC to worm drowning)

    Way cool BTW Eric
  2. JohnScott's Avatar
    Now that is something to brag about !!!!!!

    Kudos to your wife, not only for her accomplishments in higher education, but for her chosen major and minor.

    We need more people like her.
  3. scubatim's Avatar
    Congrats to your wife. You both must be very PROUD
  4. fivedials's Avatar
    Congrats to the both of you; but, more so to the future Teacher.
  5. billhouk's Avatar
    Congratulations! It is tough being "learning different".