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Greg F

gear talk

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Saturday morning I came across a 300 grain type 6 (fast sink) Rio shooting head that I forgot I had. I used to use it on an 8 weight with a Rio intermediate running line. I stuck it on a reel that had LLC13 backed with Amnesia line, after I cut off the LLC13. I never did like the way the leadcore casts. I wanted to see how the 7 weight I built for steelhead would cast this 300 grain setup in the surf, so I went down to the beach to try it out. This 7 weight has a rosewood reel seat, I hope it doesn't get ruined by the saltwater. I tied on a little size 8 perch grub kind of fly and got my waders on. Then I realized I had forgotten my stripping basket. Ken Hanley had been talking to a few of us at the flyfishing show, explaining how to surf fish without a basket so I tried it out. It doesn't agree with me. I tried stripping the line and keeping the loops in my fingers, but that sometimes tangled. I need a stripping basket out there. The rod and line worked good together, though.