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Fishing report, 3/2/2008

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I decided that after a month's hiatus and skipping a couple of fishing reports I should throw another one in, just to be me.

Yesterday it was almost 70 here, sunny skies, spring on the way, and this morning I woke up to find 4" of new snow on the ground.

I like snow. It keeps the fairweather anglers at home, which leaves more room on the streams for us insane types.

Headed down to the Gunny, and lo, it was deserted. One truck in the parking lot but they had vanished upstream long since, from the tracks. Water way down from last time, roughly half of the flow the last time I went down. Midges on the water but no risers to speak of. Lightly snowing, just cold enough to ice the guides.

Spotty fishing, which was a bit surprising. Some evidence the rainbows have started to spawn, but with the huge change in flows this past week, it might stir things up a bit. I saw a couple old redds and no new ones, even though I know the bows are in there. Then agian I can't find my sunglasses, so there could be redds all over that I missed seeing.

Landed a couple dozen fish in about 6 hours on the water. Didn't keep count, but I do recall I LDR'd about that many as well. Landed one bow that was in the 24" range, big male in spawning colors, complete with kype. Lost another fish that looked about that size or even bigger, in almost the same spot. Might have been pairing up ready to spawn.

Good mix of browns and bows today, roughly half and half. The browns topped out at about 18", with most in the 12-14" range. Bows ran a bit bigger, average about 16" or so. No bugs but midges on the water, but I keep hoping the BWOs will arrive. Today's flies were the standard winter D-bugger with a glo bug or san juan worm dropper, with fish taking all three of those.