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An Addition to the Barbed V.S. Barbless debate.

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One of Eric-WD's comments got me to thinking.

He said something to the effect of "people who fish all day for the chance at one fish may choose to keep the barbs."

I think this would be under the Pro's section of the barbed hooks. They do hold fish better once you drive it in past the barb. However, under certain circumstances, lets say bass fishing, It could be very hard to put the hook through the thick toothy section of the upper lip with a Big 'ol barb on a hook. But, Once you got that hook in there is almost no chance of losing him from shaking the hook.

I read about tarpon fishing in a magazine, They were saying to strike the fish 3 times extremely hard with the hook set to make sure the hook gets in past the barb into their tough bony mouths.

Now does this matter for trout? Not really, If you hook set with a 5-6 weight 3 times extremely hard, on a poor little trout, your gonna rip its little lips off.

My Opinion is that bass, tarpon and other gnarly mouthed fish might need the barbs on the hooks and extreme hook sets. But for trout, Barbless and light strikes are all thats needed.

Anyways, Thanks for reading my rambles!
Tight Lines!
Heres a few pictures to ease the pain of reading all that (Taken awhile ago...)

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