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Fishing report, 2/8/2008

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I have the crud. No idea what kind of crud, but some kind. A couple other people at work have had it, and some of their kids, so it is not too surprising. Sniffly, coughing a bit, run down, the usual winter stuff. Spent all day yesterday asleep, then couldn't sleep last night. Got up for a bit today, ran into work to see if anything was critical, then came back and crawled back into the nest.

Got up around 1, felt a bit better but still not great. Nice and sunny outside, upper 30s, calm. Decided some sun might do me good, so I went down to the river.

Fished for about an hour, before I ran out of steam. Landed 5 rainbows, two in the 12" range and three that were 16-17". Also landed two browns, one about 12" and one about 15". Every fish took a glo bug, nothing ate anything else. Water was high, still 2100 cfs.

As I left, the bunnies came out into the parking lot to taunt me. They know they are safe there.
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