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Outdoor report, 2/1/2008

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Today was an exciting day at work, making maps for a meeting with DOW on some coal projects on Monday, getting ready for the writeup for those coal projects, and fixing the blade on the ATV plow...

There is only so much of that I can take, so a little after 1 I gave up and ran home, and moseyed down to the river in the blizzard.

Water is way high, 2100 fps, and the guides iced up in a hurry. I managed to stand it for about 90 minutes or so, during which time I landed 4 trout on a variety of flies. Saw a couple risers, but due to a beaver's pantry pile of sticks, couldn't get a drift over them.

Hiking back to the truck, a couple bunnies hopped out in front of me on the trail and gave their lives for stew and camera traps. After I got back to the truck, I decided to drive up the hill and see about another bunny that has given me the slip several times, always from one bush down one hole in the desert. It wasn't there, but several others were, and I managed to get one more cottontail before it got dark, and discovered a new place to hunt down there.