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Fishing report, 1/29/2008 Uncompahgre

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The best laid plans...

I had a meeting today down in the valley, which pretty much shoots the whole day when it happens, so I decided to take advantage of the few extra hours I put on the clock last week and take the morning for myself. Plan A was to get up at 0 dark-30 and drive the hour and a half to the Unc to fish at dawn, my usual approach.

8 pm last night the blizzard hit, 40 mph winds and blowing and drifting snow, and the temperature dropped from about 35 to who knows what. Hmmm.

0420, alarm goes off. Look outside, no new snow since about 9 pm last night, but it sure looks cold. Checked on the internet, 10 degrees in Montrose with two and a half hours of night left.

Back to bed.

Got up at 620, took a shower, got my stuff together, checked the net again. 6 in Montrose. Sheesh.

Stopped in at work and picked up the materials for the meeting. Headed down the hill, to discover that the blizzard had hit all through the valley, and there was an inch of ice on the roads the whole way.

Finally got to the river about 9 am, bright sunlight, 6 inches of new powder drifted deeper in spots, and nobody in front of me. Then I got out to pay the park pass fee, and discovered why. Definitely on the low side of cold.

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I managed to hit it for an hour and a half before giving up. With the sun out, I was hot and sweaty, but whenever I hit a shadow, I would start to chill again. The water was gin clear, unusually so, and low, about 50 CFS. No visible fish lying on the bottom like usual, either. I dredged a bugger and an egg in half a dozen runs, had one solid grab, and missed that one.

Off to town, shopping, and meeting.