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Gnu Bee Flyer

About Me and My Fishing

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I Fish almost exclusively in Still waters. High mountain lakes around South Central British Columbia.

Salmon and Steelhead used to live near my home but dams on the Columbia and Okanagan river have made the runs extinct.

There are about 100 fishable lakes filled with trout within a hours drive of me.

I use a small boat named Sea Barf and a Fishcat Pontoon boat.

Most of the time I fish wets. More than 90% of what a fish eats is sub-surface. Thats where I fish.

I use barbless hooks and practice catch and release. I will sometimes keep a fish to eat while camping but almost never bring one home. I don't care a whit whether others use bobbers, worms, bait, keep a limit, troll, or any other legal method of fishing. I am not a fish snob.

The only time I fish moving waters is when I go to the FAOL fish ins ( called fish-outs In the Penticton area ) . It is the only time I use dry flies. My main reason for going to the fish-ins is to meet the Wonderful friends I have come to know here on FAOL.

I tie flies in the hundreds , usually about 1000 or more per winter. I don't tie the rest of the year. I probably don't use more than 50 flies a year so I give most away.

I have only a couple of 5 weight rods. I use mostly sinking lines and have them in all sink rates from I to VI. plus one floating line for the fish in.