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some fly pics

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well, im bored, i wanna try out my new digital camera, and try out the new blog function. so heres some pics of some flies i tied along with the ingrediants. hope you like them!

dahlburg diver

for this i used a couple rubber legs, some red mylar tinsel, and a rabbit strip for the tail, deerhair body, and a monofilament weed guard

my own little invention

i didnt come up with the technique for this fly, but it did come up with the super cheap alternative to polar fiber for it.
underbody:leadwire covered with white dubbing. i just use white polyester for the underbody dubbing like you get in pillows.
head cement: five minute epoxy.
Body: Yarn! i came up with spiffy technique of using yarn like this. you first untwist the end for about 6 inches. then you pinch where you untwisted it, and just pull all the way till you reach the end uf the yarn. you should now how have a bunch of yarn strands all facing the same way, and it should have a slight taper. so out it down and do it again. make a nice pile of it, and then just tie it down on the hook. works pretty well.

beadhead bucktail streamer

yes i know it is just a clouser minnow, but after an argument i witnest on the BB about weather Clouser actually invented it, i refrain from calling it that. but anyways, this is my own little way of making them. tail and wings as you can imagine are bucktail. then i just added in a bit of tinsel, and some red dubbing for gills

chenille worm

body: chenille.
to make this, all you do is just furl some chenille like you would a leader, tie off the end, singe it, and tie it down. super glue is also nice for the head.

so i hope you liked those flies, i might post some more if youd all like.


  1. Flyandtie1's Avatar
    Nice job! I like those flies. especially the bucktail streamer!

    I would like to see some more flies for sure.
  2. Greg F's Avatar
    Hey, that furled chenile worm looks like a winner. Great idea!
  3. HideHunter's Avatar
    Good looking flies. I may have to play with the 'worm' thing. Thanks for posting them.