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on my soapbox again

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Of the thousands of fishing sites on the internet I come to FAOL a lot, when I have the time I check the board three or more times a day just to keep in touch. I am a member of two or three other fishing sites but rarely post and only log into the boards once or twice a week to check for P.M.?s. I come here to get away from the world, if I want to be sworn at, yelled at or talk politics I can go to work, or read any number or other ?fishing? boards.

When I log in here I know that FAOL is going to be Rated G or PG13 at the most and know that the content is safe for my kids or friends kids. I know that when I come here I will find good people with ideas about fly fishing or related topics. While there are a lot of topics we don?t agree on in this earth we can all come here and talk fishing, and agree that fishing is something worth our time. It doesn?t mater what country we are from, what political party we are with or what religion we do or don?t belong to, this site is pure clean fishing and I really appreciate that.

My thanks go out to those who make FAOL what it is, the Management and the moderators and the other members. Thank you for giving me a small place in this world that is as free as possible from the day to day garbage of this world.



  1. Steve Molcsan's Avatar
    Excellent Eric, very well said!
  2. Uncle Jesse's Avatar
    I agree completely. Although from time to time I would like to knock the burrs off a comment they are as caustic as I have encountered in the workplace or in general public.

    Everyone involved in the management and maintenance does an outstanding job as far as I can see.