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Mixed Bag

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Our Memorial Day weekend on the lake was wonderful - full of family, friends, good weather, and great food & drink. However, it left precious little time to fish. Once everyone had cleared out on Monday afternoon, however, I ignored the threatening clouds, scoped the bay for some spots where the wind wouldn't flip my canoe, and headed out with my 3- and 4-weights.

Despite (or perhaps because of) a front that had just blown in, the fish were very active. Bluegill and large mouth were hitting my small surface poppers, and bluegills, rock bass, and even a northern pike were landed on the sinking line/Crappie Candy combo. the only thing that I didn't catch, of course, were the crappies I had set out to find.

Landing the northern pike on the 4-weight was a lot of fun, even though it was quite small (2-3 pounds). I was already fileting it in my mind when he flipped free from my hands just as I was aiming him for my bucket and returned to the lake. But no matter - I brought in 5 medium bluegill and a big rock bass and cleaned them before we headed for home and the work week.

Happy summer to all!


  1. James Ryncarz Jr.'s Avatar
    Sounds like a good time.
    If I were you set up a good time to fish so you don't have to hurry like you just said. But still It sounds like a good fishin' time, especially when coming home with a few fish!