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Bad Luck Larry

First fish of the year

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My dear friend Steve is a lucky guy: he has a beautiful creek not five minutes away from his house, so close he can walk to it.
It's a small creek which connects to Lake Ontario(not entirely sure) quite a ways downstream.
It doesn't usually get too deep. In fact, the deepest I've ever seen it is about 2-3 feet deep. He could probably say he's seen it otherwise.
It's such a neat little stream because it gets all sorts of species of fish occupying its waters. In the spring, steelhead come in; the fall, salmon; and in between, bass, chub, whitefish, and even some carp make their way, along with trout.
Because I live three hours to the east, I don't get to fish the creek a lot. So it's always interesting to see what it looks like because just like everything in life, nothing really stays the same. Spring thaws cut the stream differently and give a whole new set of circumstances to tease the skill of any fisherman.
It's nice to come to familiar waters because it's like seeing an old friend, but it's also interesting to see what changes have taken place. The challenges of a changed stream is something I like as a fisherman; it's nice to have to work at catching a fish.
Water temperature was a nice 52-56(in the afternoon)and so we were both optimistic that trout(the fish I RARELY get to fish for) would be there.
Water was also moving quite fast because there were a couple of days of rain, and so the arms of the creek stretched wide to gather more shore than it usually does. During the summer, we'd get full-geared realizing while we're sweltering that we could get by just fine in sneakers and a bathing suit.
We started fishing and my friend got into a trout: little guy about 8 inches, caught on a Pheasant Tail nymph. I switched to a Beadhead Gold-Ribbed Hare's Ear nymph in that nice rusty colour dyed by 'Uncle' Fran (Betters) and caught a 'little guy' as well: a brown trout fry. Very pretty, very nice.
Not a lot of hatches going on which surprised both of us. Those insects which we did see were midges around #18's and/or #20's. It's funny because I thought towards the late afternoon we'd maybe see some Hendrickson's. Alas, not to be.
In between the sun and the sound of flowing waters, I'd sit and have a cigarette contemplating my navel (as dear old Stan would say) and admire God's creation (or whoever's responsible) all around me.
Sometimes I wonder if I fish just as an excuse to be in the beautifull outdoors, away from the noise and craziness of everyday life. I find myself wanting to be alone quite a bit. I wonder if it's because life seems to surround me with so much hustle; so much bustle; noise all around; have to go here or there; have to do this or that.
Sometimes I feel like taking a huge bottle of bubble bath, sit in the middle of the river and say " CALGON....TAKE ME AWAY!!"
Our fish were few and small...between 6-8 inches. But the time spent together,very pleasant.
As you may or may not know, size to me doesn't make a lick of difference when it comes to fish or numbers of fish caught. All that matters is the experience.

I hope you all feel the same way too.

All the best of the season to you and yours.

Take care,
Bad Luck Larry

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  1. hardhat's Avatar
    I agree - some of the best days are time fishing with friends and family. Those moments seem to last thru an eternity. I remember when my son was about 8 we took a break to eat a snack and watched the sun come up above the mountains. He looked at me and said "dad it is moments like this you remember the rest of your life". He was right as over 10 years have past and we still talk about that trip.