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Tadpole Rod

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Well, I'm done just a couple of touch ups and it will be ready to pack and mail out with the are some pics...a fun build.

I used a fenwick style cork grip and black aluminum reel down locking reel seat

I used black metallic thread for the wraps...and 3 lite coats of flex coat lite for the finish

The signature wrap...end of hook keeper wrap is roughly 12 inches and the sig wrap is marked at a fun 16 inches

I used a spigot ferrule
This was the first time I used flex coat, on the other rod that I built, I used varnish. I think this build was a lot easier than the bamboo build even with the spigot ferrule. I learned a lot and got the chance to used the rod turner, that thing is amazing, really helped with the flex coat...I imagine with thin varnish, results would be similar.