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I'm Pulling for you

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I read the board and feel true sorrow and worry for all the people out there who are suffering for lack of money. I have been where you are and know your pain and worry.

At this time my families needs are met just no money for extras. When I see the for sale board with all the equipment people are trying to sell with no takers I worry. If I could I would be buying your rods etc. but I can't. All I can offer is a little advise.

For those of you suffering, keep your heads up, From someone who has been where you are, It will get better, don't lose your health worrying about things. if you loose all your things, you will in the future get new things. A thing is something that can be bought or sold.

What matters now is your family, your health etc. You may not be able to afford to fish your favorite waters but go fish some waters. You may not be able to fish for your preferred fish, but may learn to love the challenges of a new fish. A fishing licence, a 6wt, a box of flies and a puddle of water to cast in, its inexpensive mental health therapy.

Thanks for reading and for those of you in trouble, keep your heads up.

And as RedGreen says

I'm pulling for you