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I tried to fish

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Yesterday, Valentines day I invited my Wife Bonnie to go for a drive with me. It was Saturday morning and a drizzle was falling, I mentioned that I wanted to go north, I had many motives for this trip, alone time with my wife, see more of the area and there are two lakes in this county that are open year round for fishing. I was going to try and scout one of them. I told my wife of this plan and promised that when I found the lake that we would spend a few minutes there as it was too cold for me to fish long.

We left about 10:00 and went out along Hood Canal, I drove to the area that the lake is in. I had two maps of the county along both of them showed the lake neither of them showed the road to it. (should have been a clue) This winter has been white and the dregs of slushy snow fill the fields and road sides. My plan had been to drive a circle around this lake and look for a road that went that way. Unfortunately when I got to the top of the circle I came to an unimproved road that hadn't been plowed and had to turn back, so my thought of casting a line for a few minutes died. I will go back with a better map in a month or so when it gets warmer.

We returned to highway 101 and drove north along Hood Canal it was time for lunch and we spotted a diner. (I have lived here for six months and have yet to find a restaurant that I want to go back to.) This diner had the looks of a good place. (before noon, tourist area in the off season and it had cars parked in the lot and was busy) Bonnie and I went into the diner and I felt right at home, it was full of locals and on the wall was a big "Go Ducks" sign. This is Husky country and for a business to actively support the Ducks the food must be good for the locals to stay. I on the other hand grew up in Eugene and am a fan of UofO athletics so the duck sign made my week.

The food was good Ruben for me, Fish and chips for Bonnie, Ruben was crisp not soggy and the fish was fresh. I will make sure to go back.
Over all it was a great three hours.

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  1. mnbandy's Avatar
    Thanks for the blog, Eric. Of course, I get green with envy hearing about places where there is even a possibility of open water fishing in February. This weekend I fished for sunfish through a hole I drilled in 30 inches of ice! Good luck on your return trip...
  2. Eric-WD's Avatar
    MnBandy, I had to google Bandy to find out what it was, interesting game, bet you cant play that in this area. Every area has its price, fishing year round is nice but we pay for it by its raining year round.