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Mike Ormsby

All I Need

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I saw Jim Cuddy (of Blue Rodeo) perform "All I Need" on Songwriters' Cafe on TV tonight -- something about the song caused me to reflect a bit on fly fishing -- and some of what it has come to mean to me -- I've rewrote the lyrics ever so slightly, trying to keep the original feel of Jim's fine words -- hope you enjoy:

Take me down to the riverside
Wash me up from this dusty ride
I'll pitch my tent in a field nearby
Then I?ll pick up a rod and cast out a fly

Ah the moment comes
The trout jumps, set the hook fast don?t wait too long
It might never come again
Once I saw myself as someone dying to be freed
But the fish have led me here and that's all I need

Beautiful rivers rolling all across this graceful land
Too many to fish, so little time, nobody else would understand
Just waving your fly rod around don't mean that much
Not like the thrill you get when your fly feels the trout's touch

For all the world you held, for any time upon the shelf
For just the way you might have seen yourself
But you come to realize that your life is bound to change
You?re never quite the same once fishing has caused you to rearrange

Now when I look outside, at what?s out there
I don?t see myself anymore in fear and greed
Not since the fish have led me here
Just put a fly rod in my hand, that?s all I need

Beautiful rainbow fish with hues so bright
Will wander through my dreams tonight
Whispered words and timeless days
A rise in the stream, we're only a wade away

For all the hurt we?ve taken,
For all the times we were mistaken
Those things that mostly left you wondering why
Now fall away with each cast, as the river?s current goes by

Once I was a man that I no longer want to be
The fish have led me here and that's all I need