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Tyin', Sweatin', Fishin'....Failin'

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After my Saturday evening attempt to catch some walleye (Lindy jigs, not flies) resulted in catching every species in the lake except walleye (the most interesting of which was a nice black crappie on a spot I hadn't tried before), I spent the wee hours tying some Al Campbell Crappie Candy, and headed out in the morning to give it a try.

It was hot and humid, even at 7am, and even the ubiquitous bluegills seemed to groggy to feed, though they chased the candy incessantly. Having no crappie results, I returned to the dock with the highlight of the morning being the sight of four beautiful green herons perched on a boat lift as they scouted for fish.

We'll give it a more concerted effort this weekend...

Be well.