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Fun without Fish?

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Although I enjoyed a wonderful weekend at the lake, I didn't actually do any fishing, due to a combination of weather, other commitments, and, well, sort of just the way things worked out. I did, however, spend plenty of time messing with my fishing equipment - I recently got some new sinking line that I spooled up, and did other putzing and maintenance, as well (especially during the downpours Saturday).

In addition to fishing, I do triathlons, and on Sunday morning, I took advantage of the nice weather and relatively little boat traffic on our bay to go for a one mile training swim. Our lake is blessed with 20 foot clarity, so in addition to a good workout, I get a fun "up close" view of the goings-on underwater. Not 30 feet from my starting point at my dock, I found myself directly above a school of 1-2 pound walleyes - the first I have ever seen "in person" ("in fish"?) at our lake, though I knew there were plenty in there. I had never thought we ahd a particularly great walleye population, but just the day before I spotted these a collegaue on our lake association board said he and his friend caught a 34 inch walleye through the ice a couple years back, and that there are actually some very nice specimens in the lake. Spotting these guys on my swim got me excited to try to catch one, so that will be my project next weekend. If I resort to non-flying techniques, I'll be sure to omit all discussion of it from my next blog!

Have a great week.....