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  1. I saw you on the BB screen and figured you must have everything unpacked. I tried to call you but I guess the number I had was your house in Conyers.
  2. Jim, I have offered to help out at the show next week, don't have a date or time yet. NGTO has a booth and needs some warm bodies to man it. My cell is 678-988-3555, give me a call and I will come meet you even if I am at home, I live maybe 12 - 15 miles from the center. That's a great idea, I was thinking of you earlier this week.
  3. Uncle Jesse, I got a flyer in the mail yesterday about the Fly Fishing show coming back to Atlanta on February 02-03 at the Infinite Energy Center. I haven;t been to a FF show in several years and thought that I might take this one in. Are you interested in meeting there so we can finally meet in person and enjoy the show? Let me know if you might be interested in going and we can set up a place and time to meet. Jim Smith
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