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  1. Mike,

    Thank you very much; I'll definitely take the wings, too. My apologies, but I forgot your last name; had to clean out my Inbox and lost it. My address is:

    Scott Patterson
    43993 Maiden Creek Ct.
    Ashburn, Virginia 20147
  2. Sure...and if you want the wings of the teal, I gots two drakes and a hen’s worth outside, I can pull them out... each drake had a pretty bad wing though. I will send you both drakes barred feathers. I bagged them in 3 bags. Half half and then about 3/4 of one bird, because 1/4 of him was pretty messy....
    send me your address. Mine is 1308 Westway Drive Woodland, CA 95695
  3. Mike,

    You bet I could; my teal supply is pretty sparse. Funny you should ask; I was just looking on Ebay at a teal skin, wanting to get flank and wings.
    You interested in a sharptail skin? I have an extra.

  4. Nice to see you are still posting your SBS. Would you be able to use some Green Wing Teal barred flank, fresh from today?
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