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  1. The Wyandotte is no more. Someone with more capital than Jack bought it and refurbished it and six cabins and is now called the Riverview Lodge and Cabins. Here it is: At the prices they are charging and the bookings they are already showing, somebody's got their act together. Rather sparse for the price but they got rid of the hanging light bulb in my old room.

  2. Yes Mark, I actually have two containers of starter in the fridge as we speak (both 1qt jars), in anticipation of baking some sourdough bread next week. I have kept this culture alive for over a year now, and started it using pineapple juice and all purpose flour. It's a very hearty culture that rebounds well even after being neglected for up to 45 days. One cup of flour and some warm water and it's right back.

    For the method I used, go to The website tells you how to manage it as well. It's really easy to do, and rewarding once it gets going. If you like, I could send you some of mine and you can make a batch from that, so just drop me your addy and I'll mail it to you.
  3. Hey Joe
    I came across this re bread making and thought of you, the PhoDough God. Have you started your own yeast sourdough yet?,2933,545000,00.html
    Unfortunately they didn't give details on precise method of time and ingredients so I will google more info. I still use the commercial cake yeast and to me it tastes great but then, as my son says, I "...don't have a very discriminating palate."
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