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  1. Jim
    Bill DeSavage pmed my about the fly-tying expo. He is planning on going. I am too. Are you coming? I saw Mato there last year. It's at Holt this year--a little closer for both of us.
    I haven't been out since August -- a disaster of a Fall. I guess I should be happy to be on this side of it.
  2. Hey Mark,

    Sorry, haven't been on the board for a while and was out of town for the past week (went to the Castskill Rodmakers Gathering, much to say about that ). Fish-in huh? Hmmm.... Wanna chase salmon on the Muskegon? I do need to get out this fall and chase some bruisers, have missed them the past two years, but we don't have to go after the big boys. I'm open to suggestions. Dates are always tricky, but we can see what we can do. What tickles your fancy?

    Was there a picture of me on the front page? Again, I have been missing in action the past week or two.

  3. Jim
    Time to start planning for another micro Mi FI this fall, eh? Your place (Rogue, Coldwater , other...) or mine (St. Joe at Mottville)...What do ye think? I haven't been out much since early July. Reinjured my knee which is just now coming back to 75% or so. Hope you and the boys could get out some this summer- time flies when they are young.
    You look 'mahvelous, simply mahvelous" (Billy Crystal) Nice pic on the front page.
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