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  1. Larry (Sagefisher)
    Thanks for the feed back on the BB. Never fished that portion of the Clark Fork, however, someday I will.
    A nice small water is from St. Regis north up to hwy. 200. It's all kind of back water and wadeable all the
    way. If you drive it you can spot many good access points along the way, with very little pressure.
    I live just south of you in Bellevue and would like to meet up with you some day. Give me an E-mail @

    AFOL "Crunchy" Harry
  2. Sagefisher

    When you drift the Clark Fork do you get as far as Plains or Thompson Falls ? We fish the CF in Idaho below the
    Cabinet Gorge dam to Lake Pend Orielle, out of the town of Clark Fork, mostly from the bank. My boy lives on
    Lightning Creek that flows into the CF about where it empties into Lake Pend Oreille. We fish Lightning Creek
    for trout, browns, cuts etc. The CF has Dollies and Denton sleugh has bass and gills. I'm heading that way come
    the end of May. Hope to get some good picts.

    Crunchy (Bellevue)
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