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  1. Hi Gary haven't heard from you lately. I've been fishing Old Hickory almost every day for past 3 weeks. Lots of small bluegill, war mouth and a few yellow bass in the shallows. No bass yet. Things looking up though. Started seeing some larger fish in close to shore and some small bait fish. Most the gills I caught on some size 10 and 12 soft hackles I tied just for the blue gills.

    Trout fishing really sucks lately. So I haven't been to the Caney much.

    Hope everything is well with the family and job.
  2. What's up Ron? Hope you are doing well. Hope you are not out catching all my fish..haha. Works been trying to kill me. Haven't been out in a very long time. You still have that rod for me? We need to get together and fish. Take it easy.

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