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  1. Bruce - forgive me if this seems redundant...are you supposed to mix the cake batter as directed on the box? Also, with what I made the fruit to batter ratio seemed disproportionate...I used two cans for the entire cobbler (still eating on it believe it or not - made it Friday evening). Help me as you can - thnx! Mike K.
  2. Mike,

    Yup use two boxs of cake mix
  3. Bruce, tried the devil's food/cherry cobbler...not what I would have expected...HELP! Using a 5qt dutch oven. Matt told me that I needed two mixes ( ? ) To cut to the chase, what is your recipe/procedure? No matter what the mix/fruit... What I made is edible, just too much cake to fruit ratio. Whenever - thnx in advance. Mike K.
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