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  1. Gerri, Thanks very much for your suggestion and I will look for a better way to post the pics. Being focused on the video portion I could probably do a better job on the standing pic as you suggested. Maybe even take a snp from the video itself? Do the video view OK for you? I have tried several different shirt colors in order to make them as clear as possible. Thanks again, Ralph
  2. HI Ralph,
    I just respectfully want to make a suggestion t you. You are working very hard to present your beautiful flies for our members to view and take inspiration from. It is difficult for aging eyes to really see the full attributes of you flies because they seem to blend right into the piece of driftwood background. I think we could learn more from your flies if you could use plain buff or light grey piece of mat board instead of the driftwood and use either your vise or a fly stand t hold the fly. I made a nice fly display stand from a small piece of oak wood with a hole drilled to the size of one of those Radio Shack wire grabbers...(now called hackle pliers) to stand up in. I hope I explained that OK. Thank you for your efforts on our behalf.
    Gerri Seager
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