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  1. Paul,
    Your Link worked, but there was no arrow for me to scroll down! Should we sue Yahoo for sabotaging it?
  2. Paul,
    That is great you won the Chota coat! I walked 26 out of 31 days last month. I found a lot of trash & 51 pennies, 2 quarters, 8 dimes and 4 nickels (March) I am doing my best to relax. I got Direct TV and dumped cable, and I got a great buy on a Denon Receiver, and updated my HD cables to HDMI, which replace my old triple cables. I am now listening to the best sound I have ever heard, come out of my surround sound system. My feet are doing better and I am a stretchaholic! LOL ..........Paul,
    Did you witness any of the "Where is Mike Connor" Post?
  3. Doug;
    SORRY, 'bout that link!! It, DOES WORK, but "STOOPID ME", I forgot to sort of mention............. "scroll down, the list of vids, until you see the one about "Monster Fish", I think it's called? There's another one on there too, about fish, but you want to scroll down to the SECOND VID you'll find! (If you like seeing stories about "6 to 8 ((FOOT))) long Trout, that is!?
    Hey! By the way, too.......................... JUST NOW, for an email from Deanna and I WON the March drawing for the Choata jacket! COOL!
    Later, stay in trouble!
  4. Paul,
    I have been causing trouble as usual. I just got home from my volunteering at the Senior Center. It is hopefully stopped raining. How r u feeling today? I just looked to my right....and under friends you only have TWO?? I'll be the 3rd one. I clicked on your link and all I got was the Yahoo "Why do dogs chase their tales?" LOL
    What's up, my friend? Haven't heard out of you for a while!? Hope everything's going okie-dokie!?!
    Below, is a link to visit, I hope you enjoy!?! (Maybe, have already seen it, though, too?).
    Anyhoo, THESE are what I call "TROUTS"!!
    Later, Paul
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