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  1. Tim,

    Yes, I have decided to attend this one. I was hoping to meet Deanna, but, I guess she is not coming. I also wanted to meet Jim, but, now I will at least attend his bench dedication. I am not looking forward to the cost of the trip and the many hours of driving, but, I am looking forward to the fishing and will be doing as much of it as I possibly can weather permitting. Since the lic. will cost $42, I will be fishing more than anything else. I also plan to bring my tying tools and vise and will be tying. I am thinking about packing my Ruger SP101 22 revolver and maybe do some plinking. I would bring my 9mm but the cost of the ammo just for plinking is not cost effective. I will look forward to seeing you there.

    Until then, take care
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