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  1. Tim, that sounds like a good impressionistic crawdad imitaion. If it's heavy enough to get down it ought to work well in the rogue too. You know that there have to be crawdads in all of those rocks.
  2. Jim caught 4 smallmouth in 2.5 hrs on the Kankakee River. Used a weighted woolly bugger made with orange tail orange ice chenille and griz hackle. Tied them up b4 I left and just new they would work
  3. Jim my plans are not yet carved in stone. I am waiting to hear from Popper Fly he is a friend of Jacks from TN. If he decides to come I will be bunking with him at his cabin north of Gates ( kinda far for a daily ride if you ask me ) but it is what it is. Truth be told after Debs post I am really looking forward to checking out Keystone at last for part of the trip. Maybe check out a couple other place along the way.

    I will be heading out to Michigan early on the 26th not sure how long I will be staying as the wife has me on a tight budget but am sure I will make it till at least Thursday. I do have credit cards LOL. I will keep in touch as time gets closer.
  4. Tim, since I'm not tied to a work schedule right now I was waiting to see what the weather forecast looked like before making more plans. Last year I delayed going up by a day but stil ended up setting camp in the rain when the thirty per-cent chance of showers caught me. If you want to share a campsite I can make solider plans to match your schedule. Maybe sharing the cost of a site we could stay at keystone. I think that $15 a night is too high but it would save some gas running back and forth to Gates and is on the river. I still want to fish the South branch some as I had good luck there last year the last two nights after a lot of folks had left.
  5. Jim when ya heading to the fish in think I will get there on the 23rd
  6. Jim you just say when and I am on my way
  7. Hey Tim, I hope you get to keep all of those frequent flyer miles you're racking up lately. Alaska, maybe? Manwhile we have tio plan a micro fish-in for this spring if you are ever home long enough.
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