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  1. Happy Birthday! I hope that you catch a few rainbows today, even if "only" metaphorical ones.

  2. Don't tell me the thought never crossed your mind. No fly tyer could see all that hair and not wonder how it could be used in a fly
  3. Thanks for the chin whiskers idea.

  4. go for it Ed. I think maybe Professor Morraity ( I didn't take time to check the spelling on that) is involved somehow.
  5. Jim, do you want us to continue your story?

  6. Hug Butterfly for me and tell her that I'm thinking of her and that you won't that nasty thunder get to her.
  7. Hi Ed
    Butterfly is staying very close to me tonight as we have been having thunderstorms. I probably won't know until the last minute if I'm going to get to the fish-in. My unemployment will have run out by then so I'll be taking any work I can get. If I don't have to work and can find the gas money I'll try to get there
  8. Rainbowchaser, how's my girlfriend? I looking to bring her a box of milkbones again this MIFI.

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