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  1. Steve,
    My name is Joe Breig, I'm 61 with a grown son and 2 grandgirls, 7, and 4. They both like to fish the little one went the 1st time last week. I worked 9yrs at Cessna and 18 at Boeing until I had a stroke in 2004 and retired at 55. I probably helped build a lot of those 737s you maintain. I don't recomend this as a prleude to early retirement, but we had made fortunate plans so it has worked out well. I quit hunting long ago, but now I am so unsteady it would be dangerous to try. I can still fish though, and even tie a few flies. It's funny, once I was talking to my 2nd level boss one day and he showed me a picture of his vacation/ retirement home on Reelfoot. Said he was going to drop out at 55. He did, too. Now I have and it's been good so far.Tight lines.
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